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Hydraulic attachments

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The excavator has become a universal tool holder, resulting in a significant rise in machine use and efficiency. The choice of Epiroc excavator attachments ranges from tools for demolition sites to those for recycling applications, mines or quarries.

Make more of your excavator

The hydraulic attachments determine the versatility of your construction equipment and its use. With the right attachment, you can mke your excavator an all-round tool. Work on the construction site requires robust, powerful tools, which cannot be handled with just an excavator and bucket.

Lower weight, higher performance

Selection of the right tool attachment is crucial for the efficiency of the equipment. Smaller investments are therefore often sufficient for the same work or tasks can be completed more quickly with the same machines.

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Hydraulic breakers

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Our service network includes three branches across Romania, with workshops, spare parts storage and over 20 mobile construction machinery technicians. Our highly trained technicians have the right parts on board and can carry out most maintenance and repair work on the spot, where you are.

Volvo Co-Pilot with Dig Assist

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How about used equipment?

It doesn’t need to be new. Have a look on our wide range of used equipment, attachments, spare parts and accessories. We might have just the right equipment for you!

Used equipment market

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More attachments

Provide the right attachments for your excavator. Make your equiment an efficient tool. Ascendum works together with a number of partners, so that we can offer you the ideal complete package. We are happy to advise on the options.

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