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Volvo electric machines and solutions

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Volvo CE is building tomorrow. As a ambassador for sustainability Volvo started the electric journey for their construction equipment. The range of electric machines is growing steadily to fulfill the markets request on emission free equipment.

Volve CE electric machines

Explore Volvo Construction Equipments full-electric range with the first diesel-free compact loader L25 electric and the compact excavator ECR25 electric, the range was extended to the smaller L20 electric, EC18 electric and ECR18 electric. the compact machines are perfect for the use in landscaping, agricultural sector, urban construction site or indoor applications. On top the electric machines almost work in silence, which is a great comfort for the operator and also brings advantages for urban construction sites during the nighttime.

Electrifying benefits

The compact machine models with fully electric drivelines score with a supercharged efficiency and the best battery technology. The L25s battery is designed to deliver up to 2500 full charge cycles, accounting for the full life expectancy of the machine. The electric machines need less maintenance which leads to a higher uptime. With an average runtime up to 6 hours of active work per charge depending on the environment and task at hand and the quick charging with 0-100% within 2 hours these compact models are ready for action.

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Operating weight: 1,960 kg
Breakout force: 12.9 kN
Battery capacity: 20 kWh / 450 Ah
Indicative runtime: up to 6h
Charging time: from 1 h 15 min


Operating weight: 1,790 – 1,870 kg
Breakout force: 12.9 kN
Battery capacity: 16 kWh / 360 Ah
Indicative runtime: up to 5h
Charging time: from 1 h


Operating weight: 2,680 – 2,780 kg
Breakout force: 22.3 kN
Battery capacity: 20 kWh / 450 Ah
Indicative runtime: up to 4 h
Charging time: from 50 min


Operating weight: 4,650 kg
Static tipping load: 2,950 – 3,100 kg
Battery capacity: 33 kWh / 750 Ah
Indicative runtime: up to 8 h
Charging time: from 2 h


Operating weight: 5,000 kg
Static tipping load: 3,600 – 3,850 kg
Battery capacity: 40 kWh / 900 Ah
Indicative runtime: up to 8 h
Charging time: from 2 h

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NEWS: EC230 electric

The Volvo EC230 Electric is Volvo’s first all-electric 23-ton crawler excavator. The EC230 electric is the first commercially available mid-sized electric machine currently available in selected markets.


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