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Transport professionals on any terrain: Volvo CE’s articulated haulers impress with their off-road capability and robustness. Ascendum offers them the product range from 25 – 55 tons load capacity.

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Volvo Articulated Hauler A60h T2 T4f Sv


55,000 kg
33.6 m³

Volvo Articulated Hauler A45gfs T2 T4f Sv


41,000 kg
25.1 m³

Volvo Articulated Hauler A45g T2 T3 T4f Sv


41,000 kg
25.1 m³

Volvo Articulated Hauler A40g


39,000 kg
24 m³

Volvo Articulated Hauler A35g


34,500 kg
21.2 m³

Volvo Articulated Hauler A30g


29,000 kg
17.8 m³

Volvo Articulated Hauler A25g


25,000 kg
15.3 m³

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Ascendum Used Equipment

Have you ever thought about buying used equipment? Volvo Approved Used machines are inspected and extensively tested by experts. If necessary, parts and components are exchanged. Body and cabin are being overhauled. With our Volvo Approved Used Warranty you can completely rely on your as good as new machine.

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Improve your efficiency

With CareTrack, the Volvo telematics system, you can both reduce your fuel consumption and optimise idling times. This service provides you with all the key data from your equipment, so that you can achieve maximum productivity from your fleet.

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Volvo Co-Pilot with Haul Assist

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